It is the mission of the Lakeshore City Church Children’s Ministry to:

1. Help each child to understand the true Gospel of Jesus Christ by holding firm to Biblical teaching and practices.

2. Come alongside parents as they assume the primary responsibility to lead, demonstrate, teach, and train their children the ways of the Lord.

3. Ensure the safety and security of each child.


To achieve this mission, we will:

1. Utilize biblically accurate curriculum for all lessons, never wasting time with inaccurate, ineffective, and entertainment-focused teaching. Teachers are held responsible for following the curriculum.

2. Ensure each teacher understands and is able to teach the Gospel. This will primarily be conducted through membership and interviews with new teachers.

3. Continually develop and introduce resources for parents to help them disciple their children in the ways of the Lord.

4. Provide parents support including prayer, accountability, and discipleship as they strive to train their children in the ways of the Lord.

5. Regularly assess and evaluate safety, ensuring policies are available for parents to see, up to date, and enforced by the teachers and volunteers.