Selective Hearing

selective hearing.jpg

I’m good.  Thanks, but no thanks.”  Have you ever heard those words said to you?  Or maybe those were words that came out of your mouth?  Some of us may view the different opportunities to hear God’s word as a smorgasbord, picking and choosing what suits our tastes, our preferences.  We politely decline areas in which we feel we have good handles on…secretly we say to ourselves, “I know this already.  I’ll pass and leave it for those ladies who need it more.”      

Careful, beloved.  That’s called selective hearing and it’s very dangerous. It presumes that there is an area of God’s word that you don’t need to hear.  That you have it perfected.  This is the deceptive sin of self-righteousness.  But God instructs us otherwise,

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,”  2 Tim. 3:16    

Key word above is “all” scripture (not some and not the ones we feel as though we have mastered), but that all scripture is beneficial for us in the training of righteousness…with the outworking goal of being adequate and equipped for every good work.  (v17)      

As a woman of God, we are called to be students of His word, examining our hearts and motives in light of God’s word.  Through every piece of Scripture we see Christ more clearly; we grow in wisdom and understanding so that we may be equipped to discuss and teach the word to other women, friends, and children in our sphere of influence.  Titus 2-3:5   We are prepared for every good work.  

So if you’re thinking that you have some things down pat, no need to go there… I would encourage you to re-examine your heart’s motive and pray.  Ask the Lord to show you His will and to grant you a heart that gladly surrenders to it.  Nurture a teachable heart with a listening ear always eager for God’s word. 

Stay faithful beloved.  Continually cherish all of His word. 


Louise Moulton is a pastor's wife, mom, and nana to Haven, Kaiden & Luke. Her passion is to encourage and equip women to live for God's glory