Our Spiritual Growth Journey

There was A LOT I didn't know about the God of the bible. When I first became saved I admit I was overwhelmed on where to begin.    

Like a kid in the candy store who saw ALL the goodies, I wanted it ALL right then and there. My younger self didn't understand that I was embarking on a life-long journey of getting to know God and that there were no short-cuts or go arounds when it came to spiritual growth. It was a process. A daily process of surrendering, trusting and submitting to God.  

The younger woman of faith would soon learn that trials were inevitable and necessary if I wanted to grow up spiritually. James 1:2 (Shudder. This was foreign to me. I had been raised to think and believe that difficulties were a bad thing) Shouldn't a life with Christ mean we would no longer have challenges? But Scripture tells us that not only are trials good, but that we are not to be surprised when they come our way. 1 Peter 4:12

There was much to learn about this God of the bible. Clearly, I had much more growing to do. Where else was I getting it wrong in my understanding of God?  

Where might you being getting it wrong?

Thankfully, that ferocious appetite for knowledge (the Holy Spirit working in me) lead me to bible study.   I am well-acquainted with my old self (the self-pleasing, no sense of direction, do-what-feels-right kind of woman) andto not pursue Christ, meant I would easily fall back into my old ways, habits and thinking.  

One thing I knew...I wanted to know God. And I wanted to be the woman He called me to be. 

It was this desire that had me at a christian bookstore (before our Amazon days) where I came across a book title that described what I was desiring in that VERY moment. It was Elizabeth George's book, A Woman After God's Own Heart.  

I pulled that book off the shelf and held it in my hands. I may have even pressed and hugged it against my chest in sheer gladness. I poured over that book for weeks to come. Elizabeth became a spiritual mentor to me through her book.   

While I have not had the privilege of a face to face mentorship, it was through that book and several others that she wrote that guided and taught me the importance of rightly dividing the word of God and placing a high value on bible study. Psalm 119:18 "Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law."     

Often times in our desire to know God, we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed on just where to begin and find ourselves defeated before we've even begun. It's important to seek out (this means you need to pray first and then ask) a godly older woman of faith (Titus 2:3-5) who will encourage you in the area of bible study and discipleship. And if you are having a hard time finding someone, seek out a pastor/elder for wisdom and direction on who that person might be for you. Just be sure to do it!

Nurture a heart that cherishes the word of God. Get to know the God of the bible so that wrong thinking can be made right!

Right thinking leads to right living, and right living means spiritual growth is taking place. Who doesn't want more of that! Our aim to is glorify God in all that we do.   

Together for His glory, 

PS-  Thursday mornings beginning January 28th we start our 1 Peter study. Why not consider joining us? We would love you to be there!