Loving Your Husband


Here are some key points for our workshop taught by guest speaker, Rachel Zwayne


"It is impossible to truly treasure our husbands unless we are treasuring God and His Word foremost!"


3 ways to treasure your husband


1. Being Respectful

A respectful wife is a loving communicator

  • Are you aware of your tone?
  • Ask questions before jumping to conclusions. Believe the best and don't accuse.
  • Fear your own tongue, James 3:8-10

A respectful wife joyfully follows her husband's lead

A respectful wife values her husband's opinion

A respectful wife is patient with her husband


2. Being Gracious

A gracious wife is tender and kind

  • She overlooks petty issues. We hold grudges when we are not passionate enough about our obedience to the Lord

A gracious wife is forgiving

A gracious wife is humble

  • Ask your husband: What can I do better? Where can I change?
  • When tension is rising, are you going to be hard-hearted and stubborn or break the tension with humility?

A gracious wife is considerate

  • Think about the fact that his day may have been tough and remember the concern and sympathy God has for you. Philippians 2:3-4
  • Release your husband's responsibility to the Lord and pray for him.
  • Esteem him better than yourself and ask him how you can bless him.


3. Being Encouraging

An encouraging wife uses restraint with her words

  • Don't open your mouth until your spirit is calm. Proverbs 17:27

An encouraging wife uses wisdom with her words

  • Be patient for the right moment to speak, Proverbs 31:26

An encouraging wife uses uplifting words

  • Speak of the hope you have in Christ even when your day was tough
  • Talk of the hope that you have for your family and how the Lord is at work in all of you
  • Express how blessed you are by your life regardless of the many challenges in your day
  • Convey with optimism what the next day holds for you
  • Even through tears, verbalize that you are trusting in God's sovereignty
  • Ask him how his day was and find what he needs prayer for
  • Tell him how much you admire him for providing for your family
  • Remind him how handsome and strong he is
  • Express delight at his arrival
  • Share any events of the day that you can find humor in
  • Communicate the things you are thankful for and what brings you joy