Lord, Change Me!

Lord, change me.  Is this your prayer right now?  You are not alone, beloved.

Over the years...

When I have been faced with my own inadequacies as a wife-choosing my needs over my husband's, seeing my dreams, wants and desires more passionately than his- the Lord has graciously shown me a better way. A life-giving way.  Growing me as a godly wife and helper to my husband.  It has been in those truth-revealing moments that I have prayed, Lord change me. 

When as a mother, I have been too tired to discipline when I know I should have, or not made the time to read and pray with my children or allowed my anger to misrepresent the character of Christ.  I have prayed, Lord change me.  

Whether I have chosen to go it alone, or retreated to isolation despite knowing full well that God calls me to a community with other believers- I have prayed Lord, change me

When I have neglected my own personal time in prayer, the reading and studying of His Word, and reaped the painful consequences of neglect- I have prayed, Lord change me. Oh, please dear God change me. 

And He has been faithful to answer.  

Both in small and large degrees of change over the years.  God has been faithful to His work on this stony, stubborn heart making it more and more pliable.  Molding me and changing me, making me more like Christ.  

He responds with His word.  Psalm 119:105And I have found that indeed it is a lamp to my feet...showing me where I am spiritually in that moment.

And a light to my path...showing me the right direction to walk in as a wife, mother, friend and servant of the Most High God.   

His word has the power to transform my thinking and guide me to right living.  Romans 12:2

I love what it says in Psalm 119:132-133:
Come and show me your mercy,
as you do for all who love your name.
Guide my steps by your word,
so I will not be overcome by evil.

How precious is God's word and worthy is it to be sought after and cherished.  The change that we desire does not come easy.  

Press in beloved.  Anything of great worth is worthy of sacrifice and commitment.  Knowing the God of the universe is a noble and worthy endeavor!  The prayer for change is one He will answer.  Phil. 1:6

Together for His glory,