6th - 12th Grade Students

We want the students at Lakeshore to love, worship, and obey God through a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Parents with middle school and high school age children are encouraged to worship together as a family during our Sunday morning service.

We must remember the privilege of teaching and training children in the way of Jesus belongs ultimately to the parents. They are the ones whom God will hold accountable. What then is the church’s role? The church’s role is to come along side parents in a ministry of support to equip and encourage them.

By partnering with parents and training leaders, our desire is to make disciples through Gospel-centered worship, Gospel-centered discipleship, and Gospel-centered evangelism.

Student Discipleship Groups

There are discipleship groups available for your son or daughter. To find out how to get your child plugged into a group, email Pastor Larry Melim at larry@lakeshorecitychurch.com.

More Information

For more information about events offered for your youth, email Pastor Larry Melim at larry@lakeshorecitychurch.com.