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Tea and Brunch
Saturday, May 12th
9:30 - 11:15 am
Circle City Center

Join us at our annual Tea and Brunch! We are looking forward to a time of worship, teaching, and fellowship together. We are excited to have Rachel Zwayne as our guest speaker for the event!

So, invite your mom, a girlfriends, or a sister to join us for a fun and memorable morning. And for those with daughters-this is a special time to bring even your young girls as well! (Ages 5 & up)

Early Bird
Mar. 15 - Apr. 25

Apr. 26 - May 5

Week of
May 6 - May 11

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  Teaching  | Louise Moultom  Testimony  | Priscilla Millsap

Teaching | Louise Moultom
Testimony | Priscilla Millsap