Depression Part 3

As we actually become more like our Savior, we begin to see how our worth, purpose, and hope is intrinsically tied to him, not to our feelings or present circumstance. When we identify with Christ, we abide in him and become more like him. The result is that we see our worth without decay (like Christ!), our purpose without boundaries (like Christ!), and our hope without fear (like Christ!). This is the final post in a three-part series on depression. We looked at two passages of Scripture to help us build new habits of praying, thinking, and seeing. Now, we turn our attention to doing

Depression Part 2

Even the fight toward joy can be filled with despair when we look at our own deficiencies. In the last post about depression, we were challenged to replace anxiety with joy through anxiety-killing prayer and faith-filled thinking. As anyone who begins to implement these new habits quickly realizes, the struggle intensifies as we begin to fight. Our thinking is darker than we realized. Our heart is prone to wander further than we were aware. And our prayers are more distracted and irregular than we hoped. It is at this moment of realization that we must look not to our own weaknesses, but instead fix our eyes on the beautiful glories of Christ who loves us and died for us even while we were sinners (Rom 5:8).

The Power of Encouragement

Many years ago, I participated in a group devotional in which the facilitator did something brilliant. He instructed each person in the group to encourage each other with kind words. I remember how the entire atmosphere of the room changed as people began testifying of the power of God in each other’s lives with words filled with life and grace. That night I personally witnessed God’s redemptive purpose behind words. Words are meant to bring hope, healing, truth, and reconciliation. In fact, the Gospel of Christ is mainly communicated to others through words. They have the power to strengthen our confidence in the nature and character of God...

Depression Part 1

About two years into my graduate studies, my battle with depression took a turn for the worse. I had experienced depression off and on my whole life, but during this particular season, a deeply unsettling lack of purpose, desire, and confidence continued to deteriorate my walk with Christ and consequently my relationship with others. With the counsel and support of my sweet husband, some close friends from church, and an advisor at school, I paused my graduate studies in order to direct my time, energy, and attention to fight this intense struggle I was facing. The below blog post and two more to come will give you a small glimpse into three passages that God used to completely change my life during those dark days...